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To debate you not only try to convince others that their opinion holds no water, but together you should try to solve the the issue you are debating.  Is there a happy medium that will benefite both sides or together can we help solve an ongoing debate?

You can debate on behalf of another group or cross section of society’s beliefs.  You don’t have to state your belief, as you are only acting as a representative much like a lawyer. Other debaters must respect & remember this and respond appropriately.  Show great respect for your fellow man or woman, even if they are wrong!

We are all going to die sometime.  When?  Well sometimes that is up to you, but most of the time it is not.


For the purpose of this article the term God will refer to any entity that has the ability to control anything and everything.  Whether it’s an actual conscious thinking entity or forces in an environment that behave without any conscious of self.


What is the great debate?  It’s not political and not of this earth.  It’s where we go after we die and where we were prior to birth.


If you were born in 1967 where were you prior to being conceived?  This question may seem easier to answer than where you go after death.  For those who are religious you already have your answer.  However even religious person at times may doubt their belief as a result of events that happen on planet earth.

Are we truly alone or is there a God who created us and all things known?  It’s the question of the day.  For some it’s a lifelong question that may never be answered.

When we are young we seem to believe in most everything magical and mysterious.  As we age into our 20’s and 30’s we seem to question things and life itself.  Later in life most of us have settled on a belief.  Probably the belief that will get you into Heaven.

Questions we want to know:

Why are we here?  What purpose do we have in this conscious state we call life?

Why were we born?  Why do we die?

If we die and never remember our past life, why bother being born anyway?

Is it lights out when we die?  Sort of like sleeping when we don’t dream?  We can all relate to that.  We close our eyes and open them 7 hours later without any conscious memory of anything.  We don’t even know we are sleeping do we?

Humans are not even the real question.  Before us there has to be some sort of real-estate for us to populate of.   Earth, our solar system and beyond existed we believe before life.  Who created space?  How can space go on forever?  That boggles the mind, but even more boggling would be that it actually did end.  You see some sort of wall and that’s it.  Now what is on the other side of that wall or has outer space now become solid for an infinite span.

Even before that though there is a larger question.  It’s not who created all that we see in front of us, it’s who created God.  It’s sort of a non-question since God is all knowing and all everything.  We have been told that God has always existed.  Now this is a real mind bender for any human to try to understand.  How can someone or something have always existed?  We as humans understand things usually with some sort of time attached to it.   We are born and then later we die.  To try to understand how God has always existed may be beyond our human ability.  Sort of like we think our dog likes the wallpaper and the granite tile on the kitchen floor, when in reality he has never thought that.  Not that he wouldn’t like it, but his cognitive functions have limits due to being a dog.  All life in one way or another has —–

The answer may just be outside our human cognitive abilities.