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A place to discuss and debate intelligently and with respect, Earths most misunderstood and interesting topics.

To debate you not only try to convince others that their opinion holds no water, but together you should try to solve the the issue you are debating.  Is there a happy medium that will benefite both sides or together can we help solve an ongoing debate?

You can debate on behalf of another group or cross section of s0ciety’s beliefs.  You don’t have to state your belief, as you are only acting as a representative much like a lawyer. Other debaters must respect & remember this and respond appropiatly.


To start or participate in a debate go to the Debate Forum Page, browse debates, and throw your hat in!



*This site is dedicated to Cheryl A Maynard Zarend; a wonderful friend and one of the most intelligent debators I have had the pleasure to have known.